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Welcome to Jim’s Course Resources. Here, you’ll find resources for: ENG 200, 270B, 273N, 100, 215, and 225. Use the menu below or the links in the sidebars to navigate this site. Each course also has a dedicated webpage: ENG 200, ENG 270B, ENG 273N, ENG 100, ENG 215. Go to your course webpage for specific information such as the syllabus, schedule of learning activities, assignment requirements, etc.

  1. Welcome Message & Brief Intro to the Course
  2. Checklists and Guidelines
  3. Score & Grade Reports
  4. Policy on Late Work.
  7. STYLE
  8. Proofreading and Editing Your Drafts
  9. Online Tutoring: UH Manoa Online Learning Academy (free for students on all UH campuses)
  10. MLA Guides
  11. Plagiarism (cheating)
  12. English 100: Basic Handbook for Writers
  13. Blogging Guidelines
  14. FAQs
  15. MS Word Tips (Click here for optional site.)
  16. Am I Ready for an Online Class?
  17. How to Succeed in An Online Class
  18. Grades and Policies
  19. Title IX Disclosure
  20. Don’t Spread Panic in an Online Class
  21. How to Post Meaningful Comments in Class Discussions
  22. Who Am I?

camtasia scrn2
How to Post in Laulima Discussion Forums (2:09)

How to Participate in Laulima Discussion Forums (3:34)

How to Post Your Draft in Your Blog (2:01) UPDATED 9/11/15

A Quick Tutorial on How to Create a Hotlink 4/30/17 []

The Review Draft Process (5:00)

How to Evaluate Your Classmates’ Review Drafts (RDs) (5:40)

Examples of Excellent RD Evaluations (2:15)

How to Submit Your FD (rev 2/8/15) (2:11)

MLA Parenthetical References Tutorial (4:36)

MLA Works Cited Basics (2:12)

What Is a Run-on? (2:27)

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