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Agreement — subject-verb & pronoun-antecedent (video)

Apostrophe (Possessive)

Articles – a/an, the

Awkward phrases or sentences

Case – upper-case, lower-case; capitalization (Capital Community College Foundation). Quick rule for titles here.


Comma (including punctuating appositives and a video)

Dialogue Mechanics: How to Write Dialogues


Fragment (video)

Misplaced Modifier: dangling modifier , misplaced prepositional phrase1

Intro to Paragraphs and Paragraph Rules

Parallel Structure; also Parallel Structure in Professional Writing and Compose Parallel Sentences

Passive Voice; also Active Versus Passive Voice and Using Active Versus Passive Voice

Point of View (see first-, second-, third-person point of view); in creative writing (see “Point of View” and “Types of Narrative”); in mechanics





Relative Pronouns (that/which, who/whom)

Repetition / Redundancy

Run-on (text and videos)

Semicolon, Colon

Sentence Structure: Basic (video)

 Spelling Hyphenated Words

Tense Shift (video)

Titles: How to Punctuate


Troublesome Words

1 Mr. Gieson’s Class Website, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL.

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