Policy on Late Work

Last updated 1/30/20  11:10 PM


one Deadlines matter . . .

The primary learning activity in this class is giving and receiving feedback on drafts. The suggestions you give classmates will help them improve their drafts, and the suggestions you receive in return will help you improve yours. The rationale for this is simple. Writing requires two separate skills: writing and editing. Research tells us that competent writers wear both caps. They’re able to write and edit their own drafts.


The goal in this and every other writing class is to develop both these skills, and the most efficient way to do this is to practice on classmates’ drafts. As you develop skill in evaluating their drafts, you’ll develop skill in evaluating your own.

In this class, you’ll be completing five writing assignments. Four will require a review draft (RD) and a final draft (FD). The last, the final exam, will require an FD only. For each RD, you’ll be submitting a minimum of three reviews. Since we’re writing four RDs, you’ll be writing twelve reviews. Twenty percent (200 points) of your course grade will be determined by the quality of these reviews.


two If you’re late in submitting a Review Draft (RD) . . .

Before the deadline, post a note in our Laulima forum for submitting RDs warning classmates that you will be late. Be sure to insert “Late” in the subject header. In your comment, let them know you’ll be submitting it in the next 24 hours. It must be submitted within 24 hours of the original deadline. A late penalty will be assessed. RDs submitted after this 24-hour late period won’t receive any points. Hopefully, classmates will stand by to evaluate your draft.

three If you’re short one or more reviews on your RD . . .

Three reviews are required for every RD you submit. There will be a point penalty for missing reviews. If you’re short, email the class for help. To do this, click on MAILTOOL in our Laulima sidebar, and for the “To:” line, click on ROLES and select STUDENT and INSTRUCTOR.

four Partial credit for late work . . .

Quizzes cannot be made up. RDs, RD reviews, and discussions can’t be made up once the 24-hour late period has passed. Work submitted or completed during this 24-hour late period will receive partial credit. Submissions after this late period won’t receive any points. If your final draft (FD) is going to be late, be sure to email and let me know that you’ll be submitting it within 24 hours of the original deadline.

five How to make up lost points . . .

Take advantage of the bonus-point opportunities. From time to time, I also offer the class extra-credit opportunities. Keep an eye out for those. These have strict deadlines. I don’t offer individual extra-credit opportunities.

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