How to Post Meaningful Comments

Last updated 6/6/17

1. Read “What Is a ‘Meaningful’ Post in a Discussion?

2. Review the thread before posting your contribution. Do so to avoid repeating what others have already said. Doing so also allows you to give credit to or cite previous posters.

3. Don’t spam. Spam in discussions are brief generic responses: “Great idea,” “good topic,” “I agree,” “I disagree,” “I don’t know what to say,” “I agree with the other commenters,” or “looking forward to reading this.” Others are “ha ha ha,”  “yes,” “wow,” “awesome,” or an emoticon 🙂

Watch the 3.5 min. video below for an introduction to our Laulima discussions.

4. Share a personal experience or observation. Be specific and provide details.

5. Disagree, but do so respectfully. Explain why you don’t agree.

6. Agree, but don’t stop there. Add your own explanations.

7. Provide links (URLs) to other sources that the writer may find useful.

8. Identify yourself IF your identity is not automatically included with your post. In doing so, don’t use nicknames that aren’t easily associated with your name. Remember that your comments are being reviewed by classmates for possible inclusion in their papers, and they’ll need your full name to give you proper credit and to cite you as a reference.

9. Don’t spread misinformation in Laulima discussion forums or in comments on classmates’ drafts. In an online environment, false information or half truths can spread panic or confusion. In other words, don’t guess if you’re not sure. Reread guidelines before quoting or referring to them.

10. Don’t attack others. If you’re upset about someone’s comment, email it to me ( with a brief explanation. Don’t respond directly to the poster.

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