Guidelines for Submitting FD

Last updated 2/18/20  2:25 PM
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1. To submit your FD, go to the “Submit FD” Laulima forum for this paper.
2. Click on “New Topic” and type the title of your FD in the subject line.
3. In the message body, paste your FD.
4. Click on “Post.”



one Watch this video (revised 9/17/17) on how to submit your FD (Final Draft) via your WordPress blog. (Note: The “log of completed activities” is no longer required.)


two To submit your FD:

  • Go to our “Submit FD″ Laulima discussion forum for this paper.
  • Create a new thread and post (a) the title of your FD and (b) the blog URL1.


three Before submitting your FD:

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      four “When will I get my score for this paper?”

      Your FD scores with comments will be emailed to you. The first report takes longer because it includes a brief inventory of writing problems that you’ll need to address throughout the semester. Most of the problems are also linked to webpages that provide solutions. Be sure to use this inventory to review all the remaining drafts.

      We’ll be using this inventory to gauge the progress you’re making from paper to paper. We don’t expect you to eliminate all the problems all at once. We do, however, expect you to systematically reduce the frequency from paper to paper.

      The best and quickest way to dramatically improve your writing is simple: Know what your habitual errors are and learn how to address them. This is a lot easier than learning rules for all possible writing problems. Instead, you focus on the few that you tend to repeat in all your writing. Clean these up, and you’re on the fast track to writing prowess.

      Once the paper 1 inventory is complete, my evaluations of your subsequent papers will be much quicker. Subsequent reports may include additional problems, if any, not mentioned in the first inventory. Be sure to add these to the original inventory.

      1 Watch A Quick Tutorial on How to Create a Hotlink.
      2 Access to the FD5/final exam guidelines will be opened at around midnight on the day before the final exam, and you’ll have until midnight on the day of the exam to submit it. This means that you’ll have roughly 24 hours to complete the exam.

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