Blogging Guidelines

Updated 1/25/20  6:07 AM

You have the option to set up a personal WordPress blog to share your drafts. Drafts published in a blog will receive a 10-point bonus: 5 pts for Review Draft, 5 pts for Final Draft. See more on bonus. (Those who don’t opt for this bonus will be pasting their drafts in our Laulima discussion forums for submitting drafts.) To begin, complete the initial setup. The setup for posting and sharing a draft is very simple. You have the option to add refinements as the semester progresses. If you need help, email our volunteer tutors or me at (If you include your blog URL and WordPress password, I’ll be able to log in and make adjustments for you.) I’ll have my iPhone or iPad with me when I’m away from my desktop, so I’ll be able to respond to your email within an hour or two — if not sooner.

If you have a WordPress blog from another project or class, you can use it for this class. If you’re registered in two of my classes, you can set up one blog for both classes. The key is to identify each draft so we’ll know which class it’s for. A quick way to make sure we go to the correct draft is to create a hotlink from the URL that you post in Laulima directly to the draft in your blog.

If you’ve completed the setup, please consider helping classmates. To let them know you’re available, email me ( or email the class by clicking on Mailtool in our Laulima sidebar and, for the “To:” line, click on Roles and select Student and Instructor.

Basic Guidelines
List of Volunteer Blogging Tutors
Settings for Your WordPress Blog
Checklist for Evaluating Your Blog
Video tutorial on how to create a hotlink.
 How to Compose a Post in Your WordPress Blog
 Twitter post: OPTIONAL: Complete set up of your personal blog for sharing all class drafts ( Drafts in WordPress will earn bonus points ( If you don’t use a blog, paste drafts in our Laulima discussion forums for submitting drafts.

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