Po’okela: Review Draft 1

Badge01-160 This badge is awarded by the course instructor and indicates that the honoree successfully completed the following tasks by the stipulated deadlines:

  1. Created a personal blog for this class that met the criteria listed in the guidelines.
  2. Published a draft of her/his first paper (RD1 or Review Draft #1) in her blog to share with peer reviewers.
  3. In her RD1, she followed the formatting guidelines in the Checklist for All Drafts.
  4. Following the Guidelines for Submitting RD, she posted the title and URL for her RD1 in the Laulima forum for submitting it.

This badge is a testament to pa’ahana and ahonui, recognizing the student’s diligence and perseverance. Perhaps the most important criterion is meeting deadlines. No exceptions are made for late work, including illness, computer issues, personal problems, deaths in the family, etc. This policy by no means implies that these excuses are not legitimate. It’s simply a criterion for the  badge.

List of Winners

Spring 2015
English 100: Bryana Bandalan, Tawny Laugisch, Jessica Matsushita, Cami Nagata, Shanelle Soliven
English 200: Cara Caneso-Bonilla, Harry Cho, Serena Guzman, Alex Hutson, Carolyn Nomura, Krystie Ramos, Shanelle Simpliciano
English 270B: Andrea Aguilera, Riki Ramseyer
English 273N: Cynthia Baylor, Kristie Facuri-Mahoney, Nicolas Goodness-Glory

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